Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne

Unfortunately, severe weather and flooding is a fact of life. When a storm hits and an unrelenting torrential downpour ensues, many homeowners are faced with costly damage and an unpleasant clean up. And it’s not just natural disasters that are responsible for flood damage – a burst pipe or even an over filled bath can very quickly turn any room in your house into a flood zone. Fortunately, some things can be salvaged, and if you act fast, the better your chances are of preventing further damage to your home and carpets. When you require prompt and efficient flood damage restoration in Melbourne, be sure to call the experts at the Squeaky Clean Team.
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The Best Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne

Flood damage to your property can be stressful as well as costly. Valuable assets can be damaged beyond repair and rooms may be made completely uninhabitable. For a business, the interruption to normal operations can hit profitability and may even be terminal for a company if prolonged.

The most obvious damage is to floor coverings and items of furniture and equipment that are at floor level. However, there is additionally a degree of hidden damage that is not obvious and is more difficult to restore.

Different Needs for Melbourne Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding can occur for a variety of reasons and have different consequences depending on the source and type:

  • Clean water can result from burst pipes or leakages from appliances or tanks. Whilst this may not be a particular health threat, it can still damage a building’s structure as well as carpets and furniture.
  • Grey water may be contaminated with urine or similar and contain micro-organisms that can cause damage to human health. Although the risk is moderate, prompt action is still needed or it will get worse.
  • Black water may contain raw sewage and poses a very high risk to human health. It is also most unpleasant as well as causing severe damage and so requires prompt and effective remediation.

Even relatively minor faults can cause significant damage if left unresolved for long periods. So action needs to be quick and undertaken properly so the problem doesn’t become worse. But it also needs to be focused on the particular type of damage so that flood restoration is as effective as it can be.

If flood restoration isn’t carried out quickly, the damage will become much worse and will be more difficult and more costly or even impossible to eradicate. Water will seep into walls and support beams, weakening and eventually even destroying them. It will also, especially if contaminated black water, cause mould and mildew to grow quickly and pose an ever-increasing hazard to health.

The Professional Way to Restore Flood Damage in Melbourne

Flood damage restoration isn’t something you can do yourself. The water seeps into carpets and underlay, into floorboards and the very fabric of buildings so needs to be removed completely. The damage cause by flooding is stressful enough without adding to that stress by trying, and generally failing, to restore it properly. Instead, use a professional service to do the job properly and rely on your insurance to cover the cost.

In Need of Flood Damage Carpet Restoration in Melbourne?

Here at The Squeaky Clean Team, we’re fully experienced in restoring flood damage and have a well tried and trusted process to deal with problems. We’ll:

  • fully inspect and assess the damage to establish what needs to be done
  • make sure the building is safe and remove property to limit further damage
  • lift carpets and underlay so wet floors are exposed
  • dry out the property with powerful dehumidifiers and dryers
  • re-plaster and re-grout where necessary and apply mould treatment to prevent growth
  • dry carpets and underlay then relay and re-stretch in position
  • steam clean and deodorise carpets to remove stains and restore to prime condition
  • use moisture readers to ensure sufficient dryness.

Our aim is to restore your flooded carpet and property as quickly and effectively as possible, with minimum disruption, so you can get on with your life as before. No fuss, no stress, just a professional and efficient service.
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Call our experts today for prompt assistance with carpet flood damage restoration.

Flood Damage Consequences

It doesn’t matter whether the cause is natural flooding, a faulty dishwasher or a burst pipe – flooding in the home isn’t just an inconvenience, but it can also be potentially dangerous. Having flood damage restoration carried out quickly is important in order to avoid the following problems:

Commercial Flood Water
Commercial Flood Water2

Carpet Damage

Flooding can seriously damage the carpet in your house and end up being very costly. Carpet is expensive to replace, but fortunately in many cases it can be restored – if you act quickly. When flooding occurs, carpet is one of the first things to be submerged in water, and if left too long, it can quickly begin to develop mould.

Call our expert team today to obtain a quote or make a same-day appointment for your home.

Once mould has begun to grow, the carpet may have to be replaced entirely, as it can present a serious health risk and can also begin to rot. By immediately soaking up water with towels and calling a professional carpet cleaning company that specialises in flood damage restoration, you’ll be improving your chances of saving your precious carpets.

Structural Problems

When not taken care of immediately, flooding can cause structural damage to your home. There are a variety of ways your house can become susceptible to flooding and water damage, and some properties are more at risk than others. Regardless of this, if flooding occurs, there are a number of signs you can look for in order to determine whether or not your property has sustained structural damage as a result of flooding. These signs include:

  • Warped and buckled floorboards – This can indicate serious water damage that should be addressed by a professional.
  • Swollen and soft drywall – When moisture has made its way into your house, one of the results can be damage to the drywall. If you see signs of this, it is time to call in the professionals.

Health Problems

In addition to structural damage to your home, water damage can also pose a threat to you and your family’s health. Damp and moist conditions that occur as a result of flooding can cause mould and mildew to thrive. When mould spores become airborne, they can result in allergic reactions, respiratory problems and infections. This is especially bad for those with compromised respiratory or immune systems, as spores can settle in the body, grow, and become a serious health threat.

What Can Be Done?

When it comes to water damage and flooding, there are a number of things that can be done to protect you and your family’s health as well as salvage carpet and property.

Turn Off Electricity Mains

If your property has suffered flood damage as the result of a natural disaster or a burst pipe, the first thing you should do is ensure the safety of all occupants and turn off the electricity at the mains. Electricity and water don’t mix, so the best way to avoid serious injury or even death is to immediately switch off the electricity at the mains before beginning the clean up.

Call Flood Damage Professionals Immediately

Once the electricity is safely turned off, the first thing you should do is call a professional cleaning company that’s available 24 hours and specialises in flood damage restoration. The sooner you call a professional, the better your chances are of salvaging your carpet and other household items.

Professionals will usually be dispatched immediately, but while they’re on their way to your property, you can begin the process of removing excess water yourself with buckets, mops and towels. Once you have removed as much flood water as possible, you should remove all furniture, including tables, chairs and sofas.

If the cause of the water damage isn’t from a storm or other type of natural flooding, switching the water off completely at the mains will stop further flooding if the flooding is linked directly to your water supply.

Call a Plumber

If you believe the cause of the flooding is a burst pipe or a leak in your household plumbing, it’s a good idea to call a plumber. It’s going to be very difficult for water damage restoration professionals to begin their clean up if the house is continuing to flood, so stemming the flow of water is crucial. If you’re not sure of the source of the flood waters, the sooner you call a plumber, the sooner they will be able to locate the problem. Plumbers are experienced when it comes to leaking pipes, giving them the expertise to quickly find the cause of flooding quickly and also show you how to locate and turn off the water mains. Calling a plumber without delay can also save you money, as the longer you leave flood waters, the worse the damage and clean up costs will be.

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What Does Flood Damage Restoration Involve?

Any flood damage restoration expert will attest to the fact that time is of the essence if carpet and property is going to be successfully salvaged after water damage has occurred, so for the best results, it’s imperative that you call professionals as soon as possible. Once flood damage restoration experts arrive on the scene, they will assess the situation and advise you on whether or not your carpet can be salvaged. If they believe there is a good chance the carpet can be saved, they will begin the flood damage restoration process immediately.

The process involves removing all excess water and using industrial strength dehumidifiers and fans to dry the carpet. Depending on the severity of the flooding and the amount of time that has passed between the flooding occurring and the flood damage restoration process beginning, the carpet may need to be lifted up and the flooring beneath it dried first. If given sufficient time, flood waters can seep into the concrete, necessitating drying with industrial dehumidifiers and fans.

The Squeaky Clean Team – Experts in Flood Damage Restoration

Whether it’s a raging storm or a burst water pipe, when disaster strikes, the Squeaky Clean Team can provide fast assistance. Call us now on 1300 682 563 to enjoy the benefits and money savings that come with prompt flood damage restoration. We can potentially help save you thousands of dollars by salvaging your sodden carpets and returning them to their former glory, but you have to act fast. The sooner you call, the faster our team of professionals can begin the flooded carpet restoration process – and the higher the chances will be of your carpets being saved.

24/7 Emergency Assistance for Homes and Workplaces

The Squeaky Clean Team services the entire Melbourne metropolitan area and has years of experience in flood damage restoration. for both homes and businesses.

Home Flood Damage Restoration

The highly experienced Squeaky Clean Team knows how special your home is to you. We will do everything we can to help you salvage your carpets in the event of a flood, whether it’s a result of a natural disaster or burst water pipes. Call us anytime day or night and we will be there as soon as possible to begin the restoration process and have your home looking great once again.

Workplace and Office Flood Damage Restoration

The Squeaky Clean Team can also help when it comes to flooded offices and workplaces. Time is money, so when your workplace experiences flooding, you need to get it resolved as soon as possible. Fortunately, we offer a 24 hour, seven day a week service to get you back up and running without delay.

Why Choose Us?

When you call us for flood damage restoration, you can rest assured you’re going to get a quick response. We know that pipes can burst at 2 in the morning just as easily as they can burst at 3 in the afternoon, and we also know that waiting until the next day can mean the difference between restoring flooded carpets and replacing them.

As soon as you call us, no matter what time of the day or night, we will be there as soon as possible to begin the flood damage restoration process and save you the expense of replacing all your carpets. We have years of experience behind us and our team is dedicated to getting the job done and getting it done right.

Get in touch with our team today. Give us a call to discover how we can help you.