Tile Cleaning Melbourne

The Tile Cleaning that lines your bathroom floor, to the ones that surround your kitchen stove. It’s important to ensure they are kept clean. Dirty and greasy tiles not only look unsightly. But they’re susceptible to developing mold spores which can cause a multitude of health concerns.

If you need prompt tile cleaning services for your home or business, call The Squeaky Clean Team today.

Offering Effective Cleaning Across Melbourne

The Squeaky Clean Team specialises in effective tile cleaning for homes and businesses in Melbourne. Removing everything from caked on food and grease on kitchen tiles, through to soap scum and dirt in the bathroom, we’ll get your home looking so fresh and clean that you could just about eat off them! (Though we don’t suggest you do that)


Effective Cleaning Practices That Get the Job Done

Once The Squeaky Clean Team has finished cleaning the tiles of your home or workplace, they’ll look as good as new. Our highly effective cleaning practices ensure the very best results. By using a high pressure steam cleaning process, we’re able to not only cleans the tiles, but stop the growth of mould and harmful bacteria.

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