The Best Way to Dry Wet Carpet Is to Call Us Now!

OK, your home or office is flooded and your carpets are waterlogged! Don’t panic — help from cleaning geniuses is at hand. The faster you dry wet carpet, the more likely you are to save it from the scrap heap. And that’s where the experts at Squeaky Clean come in.

We’ve seen everything when it comes to home floods. Burst pipes, overflowing baths, faulty appliances and sheer absent-mindedness! Over the years, we’ve perfected our carpet drying techniques considerably. So, no matter how badly your home is affected by a flood, we’re confident we can save your flooring from an early demise.

If you’re standing on or looking at a soggy carpet right now, you may be gripped by panic. But relax, put the kettle on and leave the hard work to us.

Call us on 1300 682 563 , and our carpet cleaning magicians will rush to your aid.

Send Us a Photo of Your Wet Carpet

Our team of carpet restoration experts specialize in dealing with flood damage. So don’t panic. Whip out your phone, and take a quick photo of the damage. We’ll be able to offer you some free advice based on what we see & what needs doing to get you dry.

But time is of the essence when you need to dry wet carpet quickly. The longer you wait to call our team of experts, the greater the chance of long-term damage. And it won’t just be your carpet that’s affected. If left for long the water will start to ‘wick’ up walls & cause damage to skirting boards & cupboards. Our flood damage experts see secondary damage in Melbourne homes all the time. Mould is a common problem. And when it’s left untreated, it can cause significant health problems.

Whether it’s 1m2 of carpet or the entire property that’s saturated, our team has the skills and equipment needed to dry your wet carpet fast!

We Dry Wet Carpet for Businesses and Residents All Over Melbourne

Our team of carpet-drying heroes has dried soggy carpets for some of Melbourne’s most prestigious businesses. We’ve dried out everyone from the offices of Cricket Australia, the main sorting depot of the Multiple Sclerosis charity and St. Vincent de Paul shops, as well as backpackers in a 3rd-floor apartment in S Kilda. No job is too big or too small.

Why You Should Trust Squeaky Clean Team to Fix Your Problem

Squeaky Clean is the go-to service when you need to dry wet carpet. We are the preferred restorer for some of Melbourne’s largest real estate firms: these include Gary Peer, Belle Property, and Biggin & Scott. Our biggest clients keep coming back to us because we always deliver a thorough & professional job — saving them both time and a lot of hassle. We are adept at communicating with tenants, real estate agents & landlords, as well as insurance companies if claims are lodged.

Check our reviews so you will feel confident to trust us with fixing your damage & getting you dry fast.

Why You Need to Dry Wet Carpet Quickly

A wet carpet will, over time, become damaged. The padding and fibers will start to break down after a few hours (this is called delamination). Similarly, the underlay or padding the carpet sits on will slowly fall apart.

But your primary concern should be mould. If left to grow, it can spread up walls and into floorboards. And once it does, removing it becomes a far more complex and costlier endeavour.

Mould can exacerbate a range of respiratory problems, including asthma. And the toxins produced by mould can have long-term effects on the health of everyone on the property.

To stop this from happening, you must dry wet carpet fast. And you must do it in a way that leaves absolutely no moisture behind. This requires specialist equipment, fast action, and know-how — and the geniuses at Squeaky Clean are here to provide all three.

We Dry Wet Carpet Quickly and Thoroughly

Our team of carpet drying specialists will take control of the situation from the moment you call. Our tried-and-tested carpet drying process will restore your property & your carpet to its showroom appearance.

Whether we’re drying wet carpet in a small apartment or a huge office complex, we have the equipment to do the job quickly and to the highest possible standard. We have both truck mount suction machines and portable extraction units, so we’re ready for every eventuality. Our team is on standby 24/7 to dry you out fast.

How We Dry Wet Carpet

We harness the power of evaporation to dry wet carpet as quickly as possible. We install air movers to create air circulation and dehumidifiers to extract the moisture picked up by the circulating air from the wet surfaces. This may include floors, walls, skirting boards, cupboards, ceilings, and any furniture in the vicinity. This is all part of our five-stage approach to drying wet carpet fast.


Our team will first assess the specific nature of the flood damage to your property. They’ll then formulate a plan of action based on years of experience.


The first thing to do is extract the excess water that’s lurking in and underneath your carpets. We do this with either powerful portable or large truck-mounted industrial extraction machines. Once the excess water is extracted from your carpet, we turn to getting the underlay, floor & anything else that got wet, dry. We do this with the combined use of air movers & dehumidifiers.


Air that’s circulated around water-damaged carpet will pick up the moisture as it passes. We place industrial-strength air blowers strategically to move air around the affected room. The moisture picked up in this way by the moving air is then sucked out by large dehumidifiers.


When properties flood, humidity levels rise. This means there is more moisture in the air. And humidity tends to linger if you don’t take action. If the moist air is not removed it can get into the walls, floors, and furniture — causing secondary damage, mould and unwanted smells over time. That’s why we use industrial dehumidifiers to lower the water content in the air.

Steam Clean

Once we’re happy your carpets are moisture-free, we use industrial steam cleaning machines, together with our specially formulated cleaning agents, to remove all traces of dirt, bacteria and odours. It’s our mission to leave you with carpets in showroom condition.

Try Our Turnkey Water Damage Restoration Service

We know that dealing with a home flood can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. You may simply want to wash your hands of the entire problem and leave it to someone else. That’s where our team of water damage experts comes into its own.

We’ll start by implementing our five-step water damage restoration process. Once complete, we can supply and replace any carpet or flooring if required. We can also supply experienced handymen to fix water-damaged paint, walls, ceilings, doors, skirting and any other affected fixtures that need touching up.

Call Flood Damage Without Delay to Save Your Home from Permanent Flood Damage

If you’re looking for flood damage restoration experts in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has many years of experience in carpet cleaning and dealing with the catastrophic water damage caused by storms. Call us on 1300 682 563 and let us take the stress and hassle out of cleaning up after you’ve been hit with water damage.

Need to dry wet carpet in a hurry. Call our specialist carpet dryers at any time of the day on 1300-682-563. The faster you act, the faster our team can save your carpets from an early grave.