Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Boasting a team of qualified technicians who are able to provide same-day services and the best prices right across Melbourne, the Squeaky Clean Team is the number one choice when you need carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Our experts have seen it all – from neglected grubby carpets that need sprucing up through to flood-damaged flooring that has been underwater for days. We’ve brought a range of carpets back to their original condition with our professional carpet cleaning services.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

We offer our carpet cleaning services to a wide range of Melbourne residential premises, including apartment buildings, houses, share houses, and more. From stubborn food and wine stains through to pet stains and odours, there’s nothing our team can’t tackle. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best in cleaning services to leave your carpets looking their very best. Friendly and considerate, you can also trust us to respect your home as if it were our own.

Whether you need weekly cleaning, a one-off stain removal, or a post-lease deep clean, our team can handle it. We can also provide a range of other services for your home, including duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and grout and tile cleaning for the bathroom or kitchen.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

If you own a business, you’ll understand that giving a good first impression can be crucial to success. Whether you work in a corporate office or a retail store, if your carpets are dirty and stained, your visitors likely won’t be getting the greatest impression. When your business requires thorough carpet cleaning in Melbourne, our experts can provide assistance. From regular scheduled visits to keep office carpets clean through to emergency one-off visits to deal with unexpected spills, we pride ourselves on offering superior services to businesses right across Melbourne.

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We can help with:

  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping centres
  • Factories
  • Reception areas
  • And more

Need Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne? We have the Necessary Experience

Our carpet cleaners are professional, well-trained, and experienced. Each of our team members has received carpet cleaning accreditation by respected training provider Jena Dyco International. This ensures that we are well versed with the most recent carpet cleaning innovations. Whether you need an end of lease clean or require help removing a stubborn stain, our experience has given us the necessary knowledge to complete any job to the highest standard.

We Use Up-To-Date Equipment and Techniques for All Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Using up-to-date techniques and technologies, we aim to provide your carpets with a deep, thorough clean that will leave them looking like new. From our steam cleaning equipment through to our products and chemicals, we’re equipped with all the latest tools and equipment, enabling us to achieve the most effective results at affordable prices.

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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – What We Can Do

The Squeaky Clean Team is proud to offer a varied range of Melbourne carpet cleaning services. These include:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning – We can give your carpets a fresh look and feel with our thorough steam cleaning services.
  • Servicing suburbs right across Melbourne, our experts can tackle any carpet cleaning challenge.
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning – Have a carpet that needs a bit of extra care? Our team can provide carpet dry cleaning to deliver a thorough clean without using water.
  • Pet Stains & Odours Removal – In addition to causing odours, pet stains can also be unsightly. You can trust our team to remove all trace of pet stains and odours, restoring your carpet to a clean and hygienic state.
  • Carpet Cleaning Tips – If you need to get rid of stubborn stains on a regular basis, let our experts provide you with top tips and advice to help make carpet cleaning a breeze.
  • Other Cleaning Services – In addition, we can also provide cleaning services for other areas of your home, including duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and even tile and grout cleaning for the kitchen or bathroom.
  • And more – Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you.

Dry Vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

As part of our service, we can offer either dry cleaning or steam cleaning for your carpets. If you’re unsure which cleaning method is best suited for your home or business, our team can help you determine this. To give you a basic idea of how each type of cleaning works, we’ve also provided the following summaries:

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning – Steam cleaning involves the spraying of detergent into the fibres of the carpet. Hot water is then applied to produce steam that works to draw out dirt, dust and allergens. After steam cleaning, the carpets must be left to dry – and during this time, no one should walk on them. While it’s possible to hire a DIY steam cleaning machine, getting a professional to handle your carpet cleaning in Melbourne is recommended, as the work of a professional will guarantee higher quality results and ensure the job gets done properly the first time around.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning – Unlike steam carpet cleaning, dry cleaning doesn’t use water – so it’s not necessary to wait for it to dry afterwards. Dry cleaning instead uses dry chemicals, which are spread over the carpet to break down any dirt that’s present. While these chemicals can cause a strong odour, the carpets can be walked on immediately after cleaning.

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Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

From pet accidents in your home through to flooding in the office, our team understands that unexpected problems can occur at any moment. That’s why we offer same-day services for your peace of mind, allowing us to promptly attend to your carpets. Using proven carpet cleaning methods and the most effective equipment and products, our experts can ensure the very best results no matter the size or nature of the job.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

There are many benefits to organising regular carpet cleaning in Melbourne for your home or business. These benefits include:

  • Your carpet will be kept in a more hygienic state, helping to reduce allergies and prevent the build-up of dirt, bacteria and dust.
  • Professional carpet cleaning provides a deeper and more thorough clean, leaving your carpets looking fantastic.
  • Trusting your carpet cleaning to professionals means you can sit back and relax while they tend to the job.
  • Professionals have access to all the right cleaning products and equipment to ensure effective results.
  • Professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne can help you get your bond back at the end of your lease.

Why Choose the Squeaky Clean Team for Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

Our experts have the necessary experience and expertise to conduct any carpet cleaning job, big or small. Here are just a few reasons why we’re a trusted choice for homes and businesses requiring carpet cleaning in Melbourne:

  • We offer affordable prices while delivering superior quality results.
  • We have access to all the latest equipment, products and cleaning techniques.
  • Our team use environmentally friendly cleaning products and chemicals, with all waste disposed of responsibly.
  • We offer same-day services to homes and businesses, making us the perfect choice when you need emergency carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Our carpet cleaners are all trained and accredited with Jenna Dyco International.

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Before You Attempt Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne Yourself

If your carpet has become stained and you’re tempted to clean it yourself, reach for your phone, not your household cleaner. Very often, our team are called out to Melbourne carpet cleaning jobs where a simple stain has been made worse because the wrong cleaning technique or product has been used. Many cleaning products do more harm than good, setting stains in place, creating permanent marks, or causing chemical damage to the carpet.

Even hot water has the power to set certain stains in place, making it much more difficult to successfully remove them. If you’re unsure whether to use hot or cold water, a detergent, a specialised cleaning product, or a cleaning method that’s been passed down the generations, you need to stop and call a professional who has the knowledge and experience to avoid causing further damage. Our professional cleaners can remove marks and stains in an efficient and reliable manner without leaving behind a trace or mark.

Call Us First for Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

When you need professional carpet cleaning that guarantees results, you need the Squeaky Clean Team. With our highly qualified technicians and thorough services, you can rest assured your carpets will be left looking their very best. To learn more or obtain a quote for your home or business, get in touch with us today.

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