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As local industry experts, we understand just how heartbreaking water damage can be for homeowners. When a home or commercial property floods, it can destroy valuable items and, if left, can even impact the structural integrity of your property. This is why you must respond immediately to water damage at home and call our water damage Melbourne team as soon as possible! We will be at your doorstep in 60 minutes or less, 24/7.

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Types of Water Damage

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We offer a wide range of water damage services, including flood-damage carpet cleaning and emergency carpet drying. We also thoroughly dry out structures, such as walls, floors, and foundations, using evaporating moisture tools and equipment to ensure no further damage can take place. Trust our water damage Melbourne repair team to respond, repair, and restore your property quickly and professionally.

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Melbourne prone to flood damage

If your home has flooded in Melbourne, Australia, you’re certainly not alone. Unfortunately, Melbourne is prone to heavy rainfall and flash floods, which can cause severe and expensive damage to homes. We also have pipes that burst, bathes that overflow & washing machines that leak! Squeaky Clean Team is equipped to handle such emergencies and offers fast and efficient emergency flood damage carpet cleaning and structural drying services. Whether your home or workplace has been damaged due to heavy rainfall, a burst pipe, or a flash flood, we’re here to help!

With our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we can rapidly restore your home to its pre-flood condition in no time. Trust Squeaky’s water damage Melbourne team to provide top-notch services and help you overcome the stress and discomfort of flood damage.

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Types of water damage Melbourne

Many people don’t realise that water damage can be categorised into different types – some more dangerous than others. It’s vital to determine which type of water damage is affecting your property so you can ensure the job is handled properly. Below, The Squeaky Clean Team outlines the three types of water damage you need to know about.

Category 1 – Clear water damage

A Category 1 water damage situation refers to a situation where water has originated from a relatively clean source that does not pose substantial harm to humans. Examples of Category 1 water damage can include:

  • Broken/leaking hot water system
  • Burst internal pipe
  • Rain that has come inside through an open window

If not promptly removed, clean water has the potential to deteriorate in its cleanliness. This is because microorganisms will start multiplying as they come in contact with structural surfaces and mix with other contaminants. If the water is left unattended for more than 48 hours, this can result in an odour and the potential for mould growth. Call our water damage Melbourne team immediately.

If attended to within 48 hours, subsequent contamination can be kept to a minimum, and your property – including the carpet – can be fully saved and restored. It’s important to remember that despite its innocent-sounding name, clear water still requires prompt extraction and drying.

Category 2 – Grey water damage

A Category 2 water damage situation is classified as a situation where water has originated from a grey water source. Examples of Category 2 water damage can include:

  • Discharge from a dishwasher/washing machine
  • Overflown toilet bowl that does not contain faeces
  • Overflow from a bath, shower or sink
  • Leaking fish tank
  • Leaking or burst waterbed

Grey water generally contains microorganisms that have the potential to be pathogenic. Depending on how it is stored, grey water can change quality. This means that exposure to a grey water source can potentially lead to infection or disease in humans due to the varying levels of microorganisms. If a grey water situation is not rectified promptly, the contamination levels can increase substantially – and if left unattended for a period longer than 48 hours, it could even turn into a Category 3 black water situation. This is why grey water damage requires prompt extraction as well as the application of antibacterial treatment, followed by drying. For that, our water damage Melbourne team can help you with restoration.

Category 3 – Black water damage

Category 3 water damage refers to a situation where water has originated from a black water source. Black water damage poses a very significant threat to human health, as it can contain a wide variety of undesirable pathogens and elements. The severity of the health threat depends on the degree and extent of penetration into the building environment. Examples of Category 3 water damage can include:

  • Sewerage contamination
  • Flood waters that have come into the house from outside

Fast clean-up is of the utmost importance to minimise exposure to the inherent health issues. Total decontamination and sanitisation of all affected surfaces is a must. Many affected surfaces and possessions contaminated with black water can be restored – but you need to know how to decontaminate properly. Fortunately, our experts are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to get the job done.

When black water is present, a site is classified as a biohazard site. It requires extraction and antibacterial treatment of all affected surfaces that are cross contaminated (complying with OH&S recommendations). After decontamination, all affected surfaces should be professionally dried before being reinstalled and recleaned.

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