Professional Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

Are you looking for professional carpet stain removal in Melbourne? Contact The Squeaky Clean Team now. We are experts when it comes to giving your home a new lease of life and offer professional carpet cleaning with same-day booking now available. Since a freshly cleaned carpet can transform the look and feel of your home, contact our team now and save precious time and money.

  • Eliminate bad carpet odours
  • Same-day professional carpet cleaning
  • Refresh and revive old carpets
  • Save precious time & money
Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

Professional carpet stain removal service

The Squeaky Carpet Stain Cleaning Team are highly trained carpet cleaners with the experience and expertise to help you with all your stain treatment cleaning needs. Most stains will be removed as part of our ‘Squeaky Clean steam clean’ carpet cleaning process. However, if our technician finds there are stains remaining after completion, they will assess the stain and suggest what can be done to treat and remove the stain.

Professional carpet stain removal Vs. DIY

We all love a good DIY project but, when it comes to carpet stain removal, trying to remove those nasty stains by yourself will do more damage than good. Carpets can be very expensive to replace or restore once damaged and many damages such as colour fading, bleach spots or burn marks are just about impossible to fully remove.

Whether you accidently spill a glass of red wine on your carpet or your little one decides to use your new rug as a dinner plate, there are some protocols to follow to minimise the damage before you call our team for a full carpet stain removal service.

In need of professional carpet stains removal in Melbourne

Don’t soak your carpet – Soaking is terrific for loosening up dirt and grime on hard floors, pots and clothing but you should never soak a stain on a carpet. Excessive moisture can result in mould and mildew growth, both of which are toxic and can ruin your carpets.

Don’t use harsh chemicals – Harsh chemicals such as bleach and abrasives should be avoided. The chemicals in these cleaning products will burn the colour right out of your carpets and result in bleach marks.

Coloured cleaning products – Highly tinted cleaning products can also damage your floors as the pigments can do irreparable damage.

Don’t scrub oily stains – Oily stains are very challenging to remove because the more it is rubbed, the more the oil will spread to contaminate other areas of the floor. For that reason, we don’t recommend to scrub an oily stain. Instead, get some tissue paper and place it on top of the stain.

Thorough & reliable carpet stain removal in Melbourne

Lots of DIY carpet stain removal remedies can damage your carpets. If you have a tough stain on your floor then it is always best to call the help of a professional. With professionals you never risk worsening the stain, there will be no bleach marks on your floors, the carpet fibres won’t become damaged and your carpets will be dried off properly to prevent mould and mildew.

For safe carpet stain removal in Melbourne we welcome you to give our offices a call right now. We offer a huge variety of carpet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning to get those stains lifted without causing damage to your floors.

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The squeaky Clean Team works with all types of carpets including;

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Olefin (Polypropylene)
  • Wool
  • And more

We offer the best carpet stain remover service provider at the best rates in Melbourne, so contact our offices today for a quote.

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With it’s 110% Care Factor The Squeaky Clean Team Sets Itself Apart From Other Carpet Cleaners. From The Moment You Call Us, You’ll Discover Our Many Unique Points Of Difference:

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  • We ask the important questions so we can provide you with an accurate quote over the phone (unlike our competitors, who entice you to book in with a low price and end up charging way more when they turn up!)
  • We treat your home as if it were our own
  • Locally based and community-minded, we offer prompt, same-day service
  • Use the latest equipment, including truck mounts and portable machines. We also make use of the best products that are effective, environmentally friendly, and safe for you and your family
  • Our fully trained technicians and friendly office staff have years of experience. Once you use us, you’ll want us back next time your carpets need a clean!
  • Our team are stain wizards – if we can’t get a stain out, no one can!

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Top benefit from our stain removal expertise

There are many methods of carpet stain removal and it is essential to select the most suitable method for each type of stain. Not all stains can be removed; some can only be partly removed or lightened, and this is dependent on several factors:

  • The cause of the stain
  • The age of the stain
  • The material that the carpet is made from

Effective carpet stain removal techniques

Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

While we cannot guarantee the result of every stain removal, you can rest assured that we will do our best to leave your carpet fresh, clean, and stain-free. Carpet stain removal is often only required for tough stains and can be time-consuming, but when you consider the cost to replace your carpet you can appreciate that effective stain removal is an investment.

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