My Washing Machine Has Flooded My Home — Help!

Now that you’ve reached this page, you’re probably standing in a very soggy & possibly soapy room— panicking. A flood caused by a washing machine can cause a huge amount of damage. And not just to your carpets and flooring.

After you’ve stopped the water gushing out of your washing machine, your next call should be to our flood damage team on 1300-682 563. Act fast, and there’s a very good chance we’ll be able to save your carpets, flooring and your sanity! Our hotshot team of fully trained and certified cleaners will apply all their skills and experience to restore your carpets to their showroom condition.

Why Trust Us To Dry You Out

Our team of flood damage restoration experts has a proven track record of excellent customer service. We’ve dried out Cricket Australia’s offices, as well as those for the Multiple Sclerosis & St Vinnies. We’re also the preferred restoration company for Gary Peer & other Real Estate Companies.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out our many positive reviews.

As you’ll see from these, we’re very adept at remaining calm and effective in the most stressful situations. And we’ve seen everything, so there’s no need to be embarrassed if you forgot to secure the waste pipe & caused the mishap!

Before You Call Us…

Our team deals with the aftermath of home floods caused by faulty washing machines! Our team can’t work their magic until you’ve dealt with the root cause of the flood. So, before you call our team of water damage restoration experts, here’s a quick to-do checklist (if you haven’t already!:

  • Switch off your washing machine if it’s safe to do so.
  • Turn off the water at the mains. It’s amazing what people will (or won’t) do when they’re gripped by panic.
  • Turn off your electricity and/or gas supplies. Water, electricity and gas are a dangerous combination!
  • Remove anything that is sitting on the flooded flooring. This includes furniture, rugs and anything that might get damaged or stained by the floodwater.
  • Call us. If you don’t attend to water-damaged flooring, quickly, secondary damage occur and that’s when things get really expensive! Why Do Washing Machines Flood Homes?

Believe it or not, washing machines are the single biggest cause of home floods in Australia. We switch on this water-filled machine and get on with the rest of our day. But because most of us don’t sit there watching the full washing cycle, we only realise there’s a flood when our carpets and flooring are drenched.

But why is this so common? Well, it’s because the humble washing machine is a giant vibrating hulk of machinery filled with water. Sooner or later, it’s going to blow or more commonly the waste pipe pops out of the sink! (yes this is the most common cause of washing machine floods) The damage this can cause can be significant unless you call the experts at from Squeaky Clean Team as soon as possible to start the mopping up & getting fully dry.

Most washing machine floods go unnoticed until you’re standing in two inches of water in your living room! But deal with water and flood-damaged carpet quickly, and you can prevent costly long-term issues in your property.

Flood Damage Experts in Melbourne to the Rescue!

Not all heroes wear capes! Our fully trained and certified operatives actually wear smart overalls. And they know exactly how to deal with flood damaged carpet, as well as the after- effects of floods caused by washing machines.

We’re here to save your carpet and ensure your home flood doesn’t cause long-lasting damage. We provide a 24/7 water damage service in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We know how distressing water damage in a home can be. That’s why we take full control of the situation when we arrive. Take a breather, have a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and try to relax

— we’ve got you covered.

Don’t delay. Call us on 1300 682563, and we’ll work quickly to minimise the water damage in your home.

Our Five-Step Approach to Water Damaged Homes

We bring a range of specialist equipment to every job, so we’re ready for every eventuality.

But the first thing we’ll do is suck out the excess water from the room. But this is only the beginning. While your place might look dry, there’s always hidden moisture in carpets and floors after a flood. So, we take a five-step approach to drying you out fully:


As soon as our carpet flood damage experts arrive at your place, they’ll begin an urgent assessment of the damage. If your washing machine is upstairs, the water has probably gone through the floor and caused damage to the room below. Water may also have escaped through doorways and into walls.


While this might sound a little technical, it basically means sucking the excess water out of your home. We use both portable extraction machines & the latest truckmount cleaning systems to suck water from saturated carpets & floors. We then move on to the next stage.

Air Movers

Circulating air around a flooded room is essential – it’s the key to completing the drying process. That’s why we use strategically placed industrial-strength air blowers to encourage the movement of air around the affected rooms. As the air moves around the room it picks up moisture from the wet surfaces. The moisture in the air is then sucked out using large dehumidifiers.


A flood, particularly one caused by hot washing machine water, causes humidity levels to rise. And when this happens, the excess moisture in the air can get into walls, flooring and furniture

— causing mould and long-term structural issues.

To prevents bad odours and mould from developing over time it is crucial that all the unseen moisture in the affected room be removed. We use a series of powerful dehumidifiers to quickly reduce the humidity levels & moisture from a flooded room.

The dehumidifiers suck the moisture out of the air that’s being circulated by the air movers. We measure the moisture in the affected surfaces to make sure they’re dry before we remove the drying equipment.

Steam Clean

Once our team of water damage experts is happy that all the moisture has been removed, they’ll get to work on restoring your carpets to their showroom condition. They do this with specialised steam cleaning equipment and dedicated cleaning agents.

Our Flood Damage Team Isn’t Just for Carpet

While our team of flood damage restoration experts spends a lot of time saving carpets flooded by washing machines, we specialize in restoring a selection of water-damaged fixtures and fittings:

  • Carpet — the faster we act, the greater the chance of saving your carpets from an early grave!
  • Wood flooring — water absorption can cause warping, splits and irreparable damage.
  • Concrete — water absorption can cause cracks and undermine the strength and stability of concrete.
  • Laminate flooring — quick action is crucial. When water permeates the joins between laminate lengths, the damage is often permanent.
  • Skirting boards and door jambs — time plus water equals absorption and permanent damage.
  • Walls and wall cavities —water can cause permanent damage to walls and if trapped in wall cavities mould will grow.
  • Ceilings — water travels downwards (blame Sir Isaac Newton!). This can cause

catastrophic damage to the property below. And that can lead to serious costs if you live in an apartment complex.

Turnkey Water Damage Restoration Services for Your Peace of Mind

We know that dealing with a leaking washing machine can be a stressful experience. You may simply want to wash your hands of the entire problem and leave it to someone else. If so, you need our team of water damage experts.

Our team will start by implementing our five-step water damage restoration process. Once complete, we can supply and install any replacement carpet and flooring. And we’ll even send experienced handymen to fix water-damaged paint, walls, ceilings, doors, skirting and any other affected fixtures. Our flood damage experts will even prepare the documentation required for insurance claims.

Act Now to Save Your Home

The damage to your property from water can be costly if you don’t act swiftly. If you don’t remove the moisture trapped under your carpet or in your walls, secondary structural damage is very likely & this will be much more costly to fix.

Act NOW and call in the professional from Squeaky Clean Team, the chances of limiting the issues to nothing more than superficial watermarks are quite high.

So, that all-important number again — 1300 682 563. Every second counts after a washing machine flood, so don’t delay!