Squeaky Clean Team’s Terms & Conditions for Carpet Upholstery & Tile Cleaning Services

Thank you for choosing The Squeaky Clean Team to carry out the cleaning of your carpet, upholstery or tiles. We welcome you to carefully review our Terms and Conditions below.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are unsatisfied with our cleaning services of your carpet, upholstery, or tiles, please notify us within 48 hours of job completion. If our service is substandard, we will gladly re-clean the specified area free of charge. We strive for your complete satisfaction!


Please note, all telephone quotes are tentative and subject to alteration upon on-site inspection. These estimates are based on the dimensions of average-sized rooms, standard-sized couches, and other such parameters. Unless otherwise advised, our quote will be for our standard steam clean service.

For carpet cleaning, our charges apply per square meter. Our current charge including GST for our standard steam clean service is $4.40/m2. The exact area to be cleaned will be measured, and the price confirmed before we begin. We take the measurement of the full room, even if some areas are obstructed by furniture. This is because of the increased time involved in cleaning furnished spaces. Please note we have a minimum fee of $120.00 for areas less than 20m2.

Stain removal is a nuanced process, with costs and success rates confirmed post-inspection. Please note that certain stubborn stains might need multiple rounds of cleaning, which will affect the final charge. Further note, not all stains can be removed. The likely results of the clean together with the costs of our service, will be discussed with you prior to commencement of the work. All spot or stain treatments must be paid for even if the results are not 100% satisfactory to the client.


Full payment is due upon job completion, unless previously arranged. Acceptable methods of payment include EFT, Credit Card, or cash handed directly to the technician. Please be aware that payments made with Visa or Mastercard will incur a 1.7% transaction fee, and American Express cards a 2.5% fee.

OOur terms are strictly COD. Unpaid bills beyond the agreed deadline may result in an added Administration Fee that includes all debt recovery costs. For water damage restoration works, we reserve the right to request a deposit as a security bond for the drying equipment.

Drying Equipment Loan:

Any equipment provided by us for job completion remains our property and should be properly cared for and returned once the job is finished. The client bears the responsibility for any repair or replacement costs of damaged or lost equipment while on loan. Our equipment is regularly tagged and tested for safety and efficiency.

Cancellation Fees & Surcharges:

Customers may reschedule an appointment through email or a phone call. Cancellations or rescheduling requests should be made with a minimum of 2 hours notice. Cancellations within 2 hours of a booking will incur our minimum call-out fee, currently $120.00.

The customer is expected to ensure parking availability for our technicians. Parking charges, if any, will be added to the customer’s bill. Additional surcharges may apply if parking scarcity leads to additional labour and time, or if difficult access within apartment buildings requires added effort.

Job Access:

We must have access to the property to provide our services. If the customer is unable to be present, key access must be provided. We are willing to collect keys locally for a nominal fee, provided prior arrangement has been made. For service execution, the availability of electricity and running water at the property is mandatory. If necessary, we can arrange our truck-mounted equipment for jobs without power access, at a minimum rate for carpet cleaning of $6.60/m2 to cover additional operational costs.

Safety Measures:

Customers are encouraged to secure all valuable items and provide a clear, hazard-free workspace for our technicians to ensure smooth service delivery.

Claims & Complaints:

We urge customers to confirm their satisfaction with our work upon job completion. We request that clients be available at job completion to confirm satisfaction with the work completed. Any concerns must be reported to our office within 48 hours of job completion. No refund claims will be entertained once we have completed the service and left the property.

Stain Removal:

Please consult our team before attempting any at-home stain removal techniques, as improper methods can permanently set stains. Be aware that products used by other cleaning companies may also set stains. We cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, especially those resulting from caustics, acids, or permanent dyes, as well as pre-existing conditions not visible during the inspection. Beaware that

Pet Odour Removal:

For pet accidents, we recommend an antimicrobial wash. The effectiveness of odour removal depends on the severity, age, and diet of the pet. We employ several techniques to eliminate pet odours, and the necessity for multiple treatments and the cost will be communicated at the service commencement.

In Case of Damage:

We commit to rectifying any damage caused by our services if reported within 48 hours. If we cannot repair the damaged item, we will compensate for its market value, possibly through an insurance claim. However, we cannot be held liable for any pre-existing damage, damage due to placing furniture on wet carpets, or pre-existing damage that our staff cannot clean or repair.


Rest assured; our company is fully insured for your protection.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

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