Carpet Cleaning in Fitzroy

When left uncleaned, the carpet in your home or workplace can be a breeding ground for all sorts of allergies and health issues. Think of all the dust that gets compacted, all the dirt that gets trodden into the fibres, and all the food that gets spilt without being properly cleaned up. Fortunately, the Squeaky Clean Team provides comprehensive carpet cleaning in Fitzroy that aims to restore your carpets to a clean, hygienic condition.

Our experienced technicians apply the most effective techniques and use environmentally friendly products in order to get your carpets looking and feeling fresh. If you need carpet cleaning. Discover what we can do for you today

Carpets That Look As Good As New

The Squeaky Clean Team is committed to providing the very best carpet cleaning for Fitzroy residents and businesses. We penetrate beyond the surface stains to ensure your carpets have been properly cleaned right down into the fibres – after all, a clean carpet is a healthy carpet.

In addition to providing carpet cleaning services, we also offer:

  • Cleaning of ducts
  • Restoration of flood-damaged areas
  • Grout and tile cleaning
  • Removal of persistent stains
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • And more

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Fitzroy, you can’t beat our same-day services, competitive rates and superior quality work. If you’d like to book our services, call us now on 1300 682 563.

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