Sewage Water Clean-Up and Decontamination to Protect Your Health

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Sewage Clean-up & Restoration Services: Protecting Health and Property

Emergency Sewage Clean-up: Immediate Help Day or Night

Sewage spills are not only unpleasant due to their foul odour; they also pose significant health risks and potential property damage. These situations demand quick and effective action, regardless of the time of day or night. At The Squeaky Clean Team, we understand the urgency of sewage clean-up and offer around-the-clock emergency services to safeguard both occupants and properties.

Understanding the Microbial Threat: Health Risks

The sewage system is a breeding ground for various microorganisms, including millions of bacteria inhabiting the drainage network. Even seemingly clean toilet water contains a substantial bacterial load and should be handled cautiously. When complex sewage systems overflow through drains, pipes, or toilets, the transmission of harmful bacteria becomes a real concern, potentially leading to severe illnesses or even fatalities. The Squeaky Clean Team specialises in providing sewage clean-up services that effectively and efficiently treat waste while minimizing risks to human health and property.

Pathogens and Illnesses: Hazards in Sewage

Sewage contains various hazardous materials, including animal and human bodily waste like excrement, urine, saliva, and blood. These substances are teeming with pathogens and bacteria that can trigger severe illnesses such as gastritis, dysentery, hepatitis, and gastroenteritis. Proper sewage clean-up is essential to prevent the spread of these harmful agents and protect public health.

Secondary Contamination: Beyond Surface Clean-Up

Merely removing the visible waste is insufficient when dealing with sewage spills. Industry recommendations call for a rigorous bio-cleaning protocol, involving chemical treatment of substances to ensure safe breakdown and contamination clearance. Given the diversity of pathogens present during a sewage spill, anything in contact with waste is considered contaminated, including surfaces like carpets, walls, and furniture. At The Squeaky Clean Team, we go the extra mile to sterilise affected areas and provide comprehensive guidelines for safely removing contaminated items, restoring the property to its original state.

A Comprehensive Approach to Sewage Clean-Up

1. Commence Remediation Promptly

Addressing sewage clean-up without delay is crucial to mitigate health risks and prevent long-term property damage. Swift intervention helps minimise the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

2. Repair Damage

Halting the flow of waste is a priority. Engage a plumber or water official to repair damaged pipes and prevent further sewage spills.

3. Relocate Occupants

Prioritise the evacuation of residents from contaminated areas to prevent exposure to hazardous pathogens.

4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Anyone entering a sewage-affected property must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimise the risk of contamination.

5. Rapid Extraction and Drying

Adhere to the IICRC S.500 standards for water damage restoration. Rapid extraction of bulk water and thorough drying of affected areas is essential to prevent mould growth.

6. Assessment of Contents

Advise property owners on recovery options, categorise contents for insurance claims, identify potential mould issues, and recommend decontamination services as needed.

7. Building Structure Assessment

Thoroughly assess the impact of sewage or wastewater intrusion on walls and flooring to determine the extent of damage.

8. Removal of Hazardous Material

Physical removal of organic matter such as raw sewage and silt is a hands-on process, often involving industrial extraction methods alongside physical collection.

9. Sanitary Cleaning Process

Follow the IICRC international standards to sanitise the affected area, restoring the property to its pre-loss condition while ensuring the elimination of harmful pathogens.

10. Hygiene Clearance

Conduct a hygiene test and provide detailed reports to property owners for insurance and record-keeping purposes.

11. Lawful Waste Removal

Dispose of all waste according to local and state regulations, adhering to proper waste management practices.

12. Taking Action for Health and Safety

Prompt attention to sewage clean-up is crucial to prevent health risks and future property damage. The Squeaky Clean Team is committed to providing rapid and effective sewage clean-up services round the clock. Whether it’s day or night, we are available on 1300 682 563 to offer immediate assistance and restore your property’s safety.

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