Six Ways to Dry Carpet to Prevent Irreparable Damage

Water Damaged Carpet Steam Cleaning


The Vulnerability of Carpets to Water Damage

Water damage can wreak havoc on your home, leading to immediate problems and potentially long-term issues that are both costly and time-consuming to repair. One of the most vulnerable areas in your home when it comes to water damage is your carpet. Whether it’s due to a burst pipe, flooding, or a leaky roof, neglecting a wet carpet can trigger a cascade of issues. In this article, we’ll delve into six essential methods for effectively drying your carpet to prevent damage, safeguarding not only the carpet itself but also the structure, furniture, and personal belongings in your Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula residence.

Act Swiftly to Remove Excess Water

When dealing with water-damaged carpets, time is of the essence. The longer moisture lingers within the carpet fibres and padding, the greater the risk of damage. As soon as you detect water damage, take immediate action to eliminate excess water. Here’s what you can do:

a. Towels or a Wet-Dry Vacuum

Utilise towels or a wet-dry vacuum to absorb as much water as possible from the affected area.

DIY Drying saturated carpet with towels
DIY Drying saturated carpet with towels

b. Professional Water Extraction

In cases of extensive water damage, consider renting or borrowing professional-grade water extraction equipment, or even better, engage the services of a professional.

Professional Water Extraction
Professionals extracting water from flooded carpet

c. Promoting Ventilation

Promote ventilation by opening windows and doors, allowing fresh air to circulate.

Keep in mind that the longer water saturates your carpet, the higher the likelihood of mould and mildew growth, which can pose health risks and become increasingly challenging to address.

Elevate Furniture and Belongings

Protecting Your Valuables

To prevent further harm to your furniture and personal belongings, raise them above the wet carpet. Place blocks or furniture risers under the legs of chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture. This straightforward step can shield your valuables from water damage and reduce the risk of staining or warping. An alternative to blocks or furniture risers is to put furniture legs in plastic bags!

Remove and Replace Saturated Padding

The Importance of Addressing Wet Padding

Carpet padding, also known as underlay, lies beneath the carpet and acts like a sponge, readily absorbing and retaining moisture for extended periods. If your carpet padding becomes saturated, the most efficient course of action may be to remove and replace it. Wet padding not only prolongs the drying process but also creates an ideal environment for mould and bacteria to thrive. Professional water damage restoration services can efficiently replace the padding while salvaging your carpet, potentially saving you the expense of a complete carpet replacement. Depending on the type of underlay, professional teams also possess the expertise to retain the padding in place during the drying process.

Harness the Power of Fans and Dehumidifiers

Using High-Velocity Fans

Expediting the drying process is critical in preventing further damage. High-velocity fans and dehumidifiers are invaluable tools for achieving this goal. Place fans strategically to enhance air circulation, directing their airflow towards the damp carpet.

High velocity 'snail' air movers
High velocity ‘snail’ air movers

Employing Dehumidifiers

While fans disperse moisture in the air, dehumidifiers work to remove excess moisture from the environment, expediting the drying process and thwarting mould growth. Consistently running fans and dehumidifiers can make a significant difference in preserving your carpet and the surrounding structures. While some rental companies offer fans, it can be challenging to find dehumidifiers, emphasizing the advantage of choosing a professional team equipped with all the necessary tools for efficient drying.

Together air movers and dehumidifiers evaporate the moisture from the carpet
Together air movers and dehumidifiers evaporate the moisture from the carpet

Prioritize Steam Cleaning and Thorough Disinfection

The Need for Steam Cleaning

After the carpet has dried sufficiently, it’s crucial to address potential contaminants introduced during the water damage incident. A wet carpet provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Even before becoming wet, carpets may harbor bacteria, and when exposed to moisture, they become a perfect environment for exponential bacterial growth, potentially affecting your health. Steam cleaning proves to be an effective method for comprehensive carpet cleaning and disinfection. Professional carpet cleaning services, such as The Squeaky Clean Team, possess the equipment and expertise to execute this task effectively. Steam cleaning not only eliminates dirt and debris but also eradicates bacteria, mould spores, and other harmful microorganisms that may have proliferated during the water damage episode.

Seek Professional Water Damage Restoration

The Expertise of Professionals

While these steps can help mitigate damage, it’s essential to acknowledge that water damage can be intricate, extending beyond visible signs. For optimal results and peace of mind, enlisting the services of a professional water damage restoration company like The Squeaky Clean Team, serving Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula is advisable. These experts possess the knowledge, equipment, and experience to assess the extent of the damage, offer targeted solutions, and ensure thorough restoration.

Squeaky Clean Team's warehouse with all the equipment to get you dry fast
Squeaky Clean Team’s warehouse with all the equipment to get you dry fast


Water damage to your carpet should not be taken lightly. Neglecting the proper drying and restoration of your carpet can lead to severe consequences, including structural damage, health hazards, and costly repairs. Act swiftly when confronted with water damage, adhering to the six essential steps outlined in this article to safeguard your carpet, belongings, and home. Remember that investing in professional water damage restoration services, such as those provided by The Squeaky Clean Team, can save you time, money, and stress in the long run, ensuring your Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula residence remains a safe and comfortable haven. Don’t delay; take action to prevent further damage and secure the future of your property.