Carpet Cleaning Prices

Here at The Squeaky Clean Team, we aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing. That’s why we have a clear and simple pricing structure that ensures you’re made aware of any additional costs upfront.

Our rates include the following

  • Trained professionals who know how to clean different stains from different fibres
  • Australian made premium Ph neutral cleaning agents which are non-hazardous & used in sensitive areas like hospitals & for asthma sufferers. rates and additional charges are as follows:
  • Our standard carpet cleaning rates start from just $4.40 per square metre (including GST).
  •  minimum fee is $100 (up to 25 square metres).
  • So for smaller jobs, the cost will be $100.
  • Stair charge – $4.00/stair.
  • Heavy-set stains we can price on-site.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above fees and charges, or if you have any other questions, please call us on 1300 682 563.

PLEASE NOTE – We require access to electricity and running hot water at the property. If these are not available, we will not be able to complete the job.

Also, f we have to carry our equipment up flights of stairs, an $11 charge per flight will apply for up to two flights.
Parking charge – If we have to pay for parking we will include this in our bill. Please check to see if you have off-street parking for us to use.

The Squeaky Clean Difference

There are many carpet cleaning companies that are dishonest with the quotes they provide. Many will give a flat rate per room, but this is a lie.

Do you really think it would cost the same amount to clean the carpets of these two rooms?

The answer is ‘of course not!’ Carpet cleaners charge by the square metre. Don’t be fooled by quotes that say otherwise.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Prices You Can Rely On

The Squeaky Clean Team provides carpet cleaning from $4.40 per square metre – including both pre-spray and steam cleaning. It’s a fact that some offers from other companies don’t include pre-spray. However, this should not be an optional add-on. Pre-spray is necessary for carpet steam cleaning – cleaning carpets without it is like washing your dishes without detergent. This is why you need the Squeaky Clean Team. Don’t be deceived by other companies and their cheap offers. While they may sound cheap initially, once they’re inside your home, they can provide a ridiculous price that you’ll feel intimidated into accepting. Our technicians will never do this. We only charge by the square metre.

Other companies can also offer unnecessary services. Many will try to sell you deodorising – this is a blatant rip off. This is used when a carpet is made from wool, as wet wool can smell unpleasant. The deodoriser is designed to mask the smell before wearing off soon after the carpet dries. However, deodoriser is unnecessary for normal carpets and is a dishonest tactic. Fortunately, you can rely on Squeaky Clean to be honest. We will never try to sell you deodoriser when it’s unnecessary.

How Big Is Your Room?

We understand that most people don’t know how big a room is in square metres, but to give you a guide, an average-sized bedroom would cost $45 and an average-sized lounge room $60.00. For most jobs, you just need a standard clean, which is $4.40 per square metre. But if your carpet is lighter in colour, you may require a deeper clean which costs $5.50 per square metre. Heavyset stains we can price on-site.

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You can rely on the Squeaky Clean Team to deliver the best service and results. To learn more about our expert carpet cleaning services, or to obtain a quote that’s tailored to your specific needs, give our team a call today on 1300 682 563.