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Stormwater and heavy rainfall flood damage restoration in Melbourne

As local industry experts, we understand the significant impact stormwater and heavy rainfall can have on homes and properties. When faced with the after-effects of stormwater damage, the restoration process becomes crucial to reclaiming the safety and integrity of your living space. Our dedicated team specialises in flood damage restoration specifically caused by stormwater and heavy rainfall damage. This is why you must respond immediately to storm water damage at home and call our flood damage restoration Melbourne team as soon as possible! Our emergency team will be at your doorstep in 60 minutes or less, 24/7.

Act Now Before Water Damage Impacts Structural Support

We offer a wide range of water damage services, including water extraction, emergency drying of carpets, and flood damage or storm water damage carpet cleaning. We also thoroughly dry out structures, such as walls, floors, and foundations, using evaporating moisture tools and equipment to ensure no further damage can take place. Trust our Melbourne water damage repair team to respond, repair, and restore your property quickly and professionally.

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Melbourne Prone To Flood Damage

If your home has flooded in Melbourne, Australia, you’re certainly not alone. Unfortunately, Melbourne is prone to heavy rainfall and flash floods, which can cause severe and expensive damage to homes. We also have pipes that burst, bathes that overflow, storm water damage flood, and washing machines that leak! Squeaky Clean Team is equipped to handle such emergencies and offers fast and efficient emergency flood damage carpet cleaning and structural drying services. Whether your home or workplace has been damaged due to heavy rainfall, a burst pipe, or a flash flood, we’re here to help!

With our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we can rapidly restore your home back to its pre-flood condition in no time. Trust Squeaky Clean Team to provide top-notch services and help you overcome the stress and discomfort of flood or storm water damage.

A Storm Has Flooded My Home —

I Need Water Damage Restoration Experts Now!

Mother Nature can be brutal at times. Storms do untold damage to homes across Melbourne every year. And the cost of cleaning up afterward gets higher the longer you wait. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a major storm that’s caused damage to your home or office, don’t panic. Call our storm water damage restoration experts at Squeaky Clean Team on 1300 682563. Let our restoration angels come to your rescue!

Our team has a proven track record of excellent customer service. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our many positive reviews. As you see, we’re very adept at remaining calm and effective in the most stressful situations. Trust us to navigate the complexities of stormwater damage restoration, providing you with peace of mind and a restored living environment.

Why Trust Us To Dry You Out

Our team of flood or storm water damage restoration experts has a proven track record of excellent customer service. We’ve dried out Cricket Australia’s offices, as well as those for the Multiple Sclerosis & St Vinnies. We’re the preferred restoration company for Gary Peer & other Real Estate Companies. But don’t just take our word for it – check our many positive reviews. From these you can see, that we’re very adept at remaining calm and effective in the most stressful situations.

Before You Call Us…

Our team deals with the aftermath of stormwater damage. We can’t work our magic until you’ve dealt with the root cause of the flood. So, before you call our team of water damage restoration experts, here’s a quick to-do checklist:

  • Turn off your electricity supply. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination!
  • Remove anything that is sitting on the flooded flooring. This includes furniture, rugs, and anything that the water might damage or stain.
  • Check to see where the water is getting in. If it’s through the roof get the hole fixed to prevent more water from coming in – otherwise, everything will just wet again when it rains.
  • Call us to get you dry. If you don’t attend to water damaged flooring, furniture and walls quickly, you might need to replace or renovate them — and that’s when things get really expensive!

Stormwater Damage Flooding

In Your Property

You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re panicking about the storm water damage on your property after a storm or heavy rain. And the longer you wait, the worse the damage could get. Enlist the expert water damage restoration services of our conscientious professionals.

Our Storm Water Damage Services

Aren’t Just For Carpet

Whether the water comes through your roof, window, under a door, or even through a wall, we have the know-how and tools to dry and save all your affected property. Acting now and getting rid of all the hidden water you can’t see will prevent costly secondary structural damage. Secondary damage will change a small dry-out job into something much more costly.

While our team of stormwater damage restoration experts spends a lot of time saving carpets, we specialize in restoring other storm water-damaged fixtures and fittings:

How We Deal With Storm Water Damage Flooding In Melbourne

At Squeaky Clean Team, we understand that stormwater damage flooding in your home or workplace can be a distressing experience. That’s why our team acts swiftly and decisively, from the moment you call us.

Our team uses a tried-and-tested flood damage restoration system that saves carpets, flooring, walls and ceilings. Our flood damage cleaning system also prevents costly long-term structural damage.

Step 1: Assessment

As soon as we arrive at your flooded property, our team will assess the situation. Our water damage experts will then create a plan of action designed for the specific nature of the flooding. And that plan nearly always begins with removing excess water.

Step 2: Extraction

To minimize the stormwater damage to flooring, carpet water extraction is always our priority. The faster we act, the greater the chance of saving the carpet and restoring it to its showroom condition.

We use either a portable extraction machine or a truck-mount extraction system located in our specialist vans. These machines will pump huge volumes of water out of homes and carpets. These industrial-strength machines sometimes leave flooded carpets dry to the touch.

Step 3: Circulate

The next stage of our flood or storm water damage restoration process involves ventilating the property. But we don’t just open the windows and hope for the best! We use industrial air movers to blow air around the affected area.

Step 4: Dehumidify

While a carpet might feel dry, we know that moisture lurks everywhere after a storm-related flood. Because of the hidden water in the property, the humidity levels in a flooded home will rise substantially.

We use powerful dehumidifiers to extract excess moisture from the air. And any water we remove is water that can’t now cause structural damage to your walls & floors.

Step 5: Steam Clean

Once our team of water damage experts are happy that all the moisture has been removed, they can get to work on restoring your carpets to their showroom condition. They do this with specialized steam cleaning equipment and dedicated cleaning agents.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – What We Can Do

The Squeaky Clean Team is proud to offer a varied range of Melbourne carpet cleaning services. These include:


The faster we act, the greater the chance of saving your carpets from an early grave!

Wood flooring

Water absorption can cause warping, splits, and irreparable damage.


Water absorption can cause cracks and undermine the strength and stability of concrete.

Laminate flooring

Quick action is crucial. When water permeates the joins between laminate lengths, the damage is often permanent.

Skirting boards and door jambs

Time plus water equals absorption and permanent damage.

Walls and wall cavities

Rising damp, humidity and stagnant flood water can cause permanent damage to walls.


Water travels downwards (blame Sir Isaac Newton!). This can cause catastrophic damage to floors below. And that can lead to serious costs if you live in an apartment complex.

Try Our Turnkey Water Damage Restoration Service

We know that dealing with flooding & water damage in your property can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. You may simply want to wash your hands of the entire problem and leave it to someone else. That’s where our team of water damage experts comes into its own.

We’ll start by implementing our five-step water damage restoration process. Once complete, we can supply and replace any carpet or flooring if required. If you’ve water-damaged paint, walls, ceilings, doors, skirtings, or any other affected fixtures that need touching up, we can sort that too. We’re your one-stop shop!

Call Flood Damage Without Delay To Save Your Property From Permanent Flood Damage

We recognise the challenges that come with such situations, and our commitment is to assist you in restoring your property promptly and effectively. If you’re looking for flood damage restoration experts in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team has many years of experience dealing with catastrophic water damage caused by storms. Call us on 1300 682 563 and let us take the stress and hassle out of cleaning up after you’ve been hit with storm water damage.

For urgent advice, get a quote or book a service get in touch with our team today.